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Friday, May 30, 2014

Beautiful Animation

I mean, just look at all of this. Absolutely stunning. It's amazing, every single one of these bits and bytes. 
I thought I'd share and tag under #Inspiration because these gifs really make me want to pick up some brushes and paint rain *__*

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Being a Part of a Stranger's Life

I go to F-8 throughout the working days of the week, so that's five days a week. Every time I go, I see this lady on the side of the street on the way.

She's always covered, only her eyes through her glasses, her hands holding the small book and tasbeeh  and her feet walking up and down the pavement are visible. I see her every time I go to F-8 and sometimes, I wonder to  myself.

Who is she? Does she live in one of those spacious, expensive houses she walks by, to and fro? What does she do? Does she ever think about the possibility of being viewed, thought and written about this way?
That gets me thinking further. Surely she doesn't know that she's being observed this way. What if there was a time, in each of our own days, where we are observed just as carefully? Where someone views us and waits to see us everyday, just a glance, just as much a part of their routine as it would be ours.

Maybe if she didn't show up one day, I would notice and wonder "What happened to her? She's here everyday, but today isn't one of those days!". I wouldn't be too concerned though. She is just a part of a routine that I can live without. In the same way, I too, might be part of someone else's routine- a person they see every day and look for, but can easily live without.

This is an entry I found on loose pages in my closet, dated at Thursday, 7th March 2013.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Personal Update

I got a Windows 8 laptop! It's a Lenovo ThinkPad (I think that's what you call it) and it's a touch screen that rotates and lies down on the keyboard to look like a tablet! And you know what's even more exciting! The windows store! I downloaded two applications that would let me open my .epub files on dropbox and now I can read all of them on this laptop-aka-tablet instead of my phone screen. (YES THAT IS A TARDIS ON THE CORNER)

The only drawbacks so far is that fact that the HDMI cable we have doesn't fit into the HDMI port the laptop has. Also, Google Chrome seems to be working slower than the previous laptop (which was a Sony vaio). The Lenovo is also smaller (keyboard and screen) and has some touch gestures which I haven't gotten the hang of yet and it's also lighter than the Vaio and doesn't give off as much heat (the Vaio literally acts as a heater) and seems to have a longer batter life comparatively. Then again, this might be because the Lenovo is technically newer than the Vaio.

~Here's the Vaio next to the Lenovo~

I also haven't completely explored all of the programs in the system (aka the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8). But I'm ecstatic about it already xD

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Diary Post; That One Long Day

This post is going to be quite long (or maybe it just sounded long in my head). I had two exams today, one in AM (Physics P5) and one in PM (Mathematics P6).

Because my brother had an exam around the same time as me, I was to be dropped off at the exam hall and then walk to the hospital where my father works so I could go home with him while the driver went back to pick my brother up. So I stepped into school to find like, thirty police officers (I'm not gonna call them cops, honestly cops are like. Awesome. But policemen in Pakistan just give off a somewhat pathetic aura, no offense) all strolling around in the courtyard. I went up to the stairs of a building to shove my bag somewhere with the other bags and asked some random girl "What's going on?" and she's like "Nothing" and I'm like "Ahan, that doesn't look like nothing" and turned away. A few feet away, there was this girl who was literally yelling in her phone "It's alright! It's just a rumor! I'm fine!"

I was perplexed but not exactly alarmed and walked into the exam hall and took my seat (which was at the back, between a gang of boys who couldn't stop talking and later on, couldn't stop cheating). I was in the hall half an hour before the exam was due to start (ie it was 1:30PM) and it hadn't even been ten minutes when suddenly one of the invigilator is like "You guys, up and out the emergency exit please and leave ALL of your things behind".
Me: Whuuut is going on

So we all had to stand outside in the sun for about 45 minutes and most of this standing involved getting in a straight line and then ruining it and then fixing it again and then being moved off to another area and then making a line again. During this period there were little rumors circulating about the paper being cancelled, about the reason being that the paper got leaked and a couple of other suggestions the most prominent being that the institution had received a bomb threat.

After that, we got to go back to the hall and sit in our seats and wait about another forty five minutes for the paper to start. During these forty five minutes, the invigilators were like FLIP EVERYTHING ON YOUR DESK ONTO ITS BLANK SIDE and for a second I was like maybe they're trying to check if all of us are obedient humans and not mechanical cyborgs (I had been reading Scarlet, the second book of The Lunar Chronicles earlier that day) but then I dismissed the thought after some careful observation.

The exam started and ended and I was glad it was finally over when I went to get my bag AND IT WASN'T THERE *starts panicking but doesn't show it*. Meanwhile, one of my friends is like
Mossi: Hey how'd your paper go
Me: It was okay not so bad. I had my bag here, do you know where it went?
Mossi: Oh, I had my bag here. I don't know where it went. Were you the one with the bomb?
Me: *blanched* Ah. Yes, it was me. Of course it was me.

I went to a security guard and asked him where my bag might be and he pointed to a table where all the student bags were placed. I found my bag and called my father since I had walked out of the hall about 1.5 hours late.

I was to stick to the plan on walking to the hospital. It's about a fifteen minute walk on the side of the main road and as I walked, several taxis passed by, slowing down as they approached and then moving off. I think it was the "don't you even try" face that I had put on.

I reached the hospital and got into my father's office and started reading Scarlet on my phone again when a two or three different people came and said stuff to me randomly like "Hey how are you how're your exams going why don't you study medical here" and then my father came back and two other people came in and my dad is like "this is my daughter" and the uncle I didn't know at all was like "oh hi how're you, what class are you in oh that's nice" and when he was leaving, he turns around and he's like "You need to smile more, you know even if you don't have a reason" and my father was like "she's just assessing what kind of person you are" and then he just randomly said some joke I didn't understand *laughs politely*.

I DONT THINK YOU UNDERSTAND MY PAIN THOUGH. I had just stood for about 45 minutes under the burning sun, and I sweat ALOT. And then I had walked like twenty minutes. And then I was sitting in a spacious, clean hospital office, can you just imagine my horror and embarrassment as random people kept coming in to say something to my dad and then have ten minute long conversations while I try to blend in and hope I don't stink.

And then we finally went home. I left my phone on my bed and came back like twenty minutes later to find two missed calls from Lilly and Lalie and then I called them back to see what the problem was, turns out they were just randomly pranking me.

The End.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Haiku~ Spider

Watch the spider dance
slowly, as if it had all
the time in the world
~written by yours truly

NOTE: THIS DOES NOT MEAN I LIKE SPIDERS. I HATE SPIDERS. It's just that this one looks kind of pretty and besides, every post should have pictures!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Fault in Our Books (1)

Look what I just found on tumblr.

the-emo-wolverine-writes  annatheprincess
i showed my older sister (who’s going on two years thyroid cancer free) the trailer for the fault in our stars and she thought it was ridiculous
she also had this to say
'i mean, yeah it shows teenagers going through shit, but they're not showing it in the right perspective. they need to show it in more of a my sister’s keeper tone. like i know lots of people with cancer that died without falling in love, and when you have cancer you don’t go on a journey to find out who you are, it just hits you like'oh shit, i really gotta get myself in check'. you don’t automatically go 'oh you're a boy so you're the one' either. it’s not like when you have cancer you’re gonna be able to go out and go on a journey. i was laid up in bed on radiation, god. this is ridiculous.’ (i interject with a ‘what about those teen girls who are gonna see this movie and romanticize it’) ‘god they’re all gonna go to tanning beds and get cancer now like 'ALRIGHT I GOT CANCER NOW I CAN GO ON A JOURNEY AND FIND MY LOVE LIKE THE MAIN CHARACTER IN THE FAULT IN MY STARS'. it’s not something they’ll want. trust me. ’
in short, fuck tfios

Interesting take on TFIOS coming from a cancer patient.

The Fault in Our Books

I should really be studying but I don't feel like it. I mean SAturdays are Saturdays. On a normal Saturday, I would be doodling something as I did my homework and then spending the rest of the afternoon watching episodes of Doctor Who but UNTIL THESE EXAMS ARE OVER I CANNOT DO ANYTHING REMOTELY FUN. BUT I have made a list of all the fun stuff I want to do which include

  • Catching up on book reading
  • Writing more for the blog
  • Starting a book on wattpad
  • Painting and drawing all the stuff I want to
  • Watching all the freaking episodes of everything ever.
Unfortunately, I can't seem to wait and started on point number one before I even finished my exams. Yes, I has finally read the famous tragic novel called "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. It was an interesting book, considering I had never read one about chronic illness and dying without doing anything substantial. I suppose you can say I enjoyed it.
♣Because every post needs pictures♣
However, it wasn't exactly a tearjerker. I have had several people tell me that TFIOS is something you read with a tissue box right beside you but I didn't even feel remotely sad (am I heartless?). I mean, yes it was a realistic book in some aspects and I loved Hazel's relationship with her parents (her mother was adorable and so was her dad) but I wasn't compelled to cry (maybe I was too focused on finding sad parts, that I over expected and the sad parts didn't seem like sad parts with the heavy impression I read the book with).

Augustus was fine too. The only thing that creeped me out was how they had such weird conversations with big words and funny concepts that I never thought about. I guess it just shows how different life is for cancer patients who don't get to do things the way we do and probably spend a lot of their time thinking about things we don't bother about that much.

I do plan to re-read TFIOS because there were some paragraphs I skimmed over that I really should have sat down and analyzed carefully. Until then, I'm just gonna keep on going through all the books I have downloaded and making a list of re-reads.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Liebster Award!

Here's my post for the blogger award I got nominated for by A Girl Without A Name. (Here's her blog)

Libster Award
~it wasn't supposed to turn out like this but oh well- just scroll down super quickly-~

This post will first have eleven facts about myself, then eleven answers to the eleven questions Sunny (Can I call you that? :D) asked, and then eleven questions for the nominees I've put forward for the award! So first off-

Eleven Facts about Myself

✿Personal Photograph

Fact#1: I am a Muslim and this is a permanent that's never going to change until I die. I don't face any sort of second thoughts about my beliefs because I take what my religion tells me for granted. When people talk about how Islam is the perfect religion, I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly. I may not be the most practicing Muslim around but I really want to change this and increase my Iman (faith). With Ramadan on the way, I'll definitely get this started!

Fact#2: I've gotten down to novel writing several times but ideas just die out before I'm even done outlining the story. There was this fantasy type of story I used to write in sixth grade but it was quite hastily written and could be considered fanfiction because it was mixing up too many fantasy novel universes. There were extremely unsubtle elements of Eragon by Christopher Paolini, Dragons of Deltora by Emily Rodda and Rowan of Rin by Emily Rodda as well. 
All I can say is that I've lost that notebook somewhere (probably when we were shifting to Islamabad) so now I don't have to go through the painful and embarrassing feelings of reading stuff I wrote when I was an immature little brat. xD

Fact#3: I enjoy reading but can't usually find anything good to read. When I go to bookstores, I'm just so confused with all the stacks of books and their ridiculously high prices and their boring blurbs that I don't get anything at all. This is a primary reason why I'm following quite alot of book blogs; they'll tell me which books (if I find them) are actually worth spending my allowance in one go for. 

Fact#4: I'd rather spend my allowance on craft supplied than on books I've got no idea about (the chance of being extremely disappointed and upset is too high). By crafts I also mean art supplies so yes this includes random things like yarn, tape, paint brushes, a paint palette, a sketchbook, those colorful pointers and oil pastels (btw this is my summer wishlist. I'm going to buy all of this as soon as my exams are over!)
My drawing and art may not be the prettiest piece of work around but I enjoy filling up white paper with colors. There's something quite powerful about designing and coloring a blank world.

Fact#5: I was homeschooled until I was seven and went to school into third grade and was a year younger than my class (or a year ahead of my age) and went until sixth grade with no problems related to academics but when we shifted to Karachi, I failed the seventh grade test (education standards are higher here than in Florida) and had to do sixth grade again but this time, I was in the grade I should've been in (agewise) so I didn't have a problem repeating. 

Fact#6: I used to be a dunce in math. In my old school (Florida) I was also taking remedial mathematics but ever since this math competition that I entered in eighth grade and came 18th in (out of the entire city's participants), my math has been going MUCH better. This just goes to show that if you see that you can do something and do it really good, it'll give you the confidence to put your all into it and actually see the fruits of your efforts. 

Fact#7: Still haven;t watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I've been meaning to watch it last summer but I didn't- I don't know why :o And yes, I'm a Potterhead, having read all seven books and finding this fantasy magic universe extremely interesting and amazing. I also read that there's going to be another Harry Potter movie but about the magical creatures? Haven't seen official confirmation yet, though I think I should sit down and watch the Order of the Phoenix first!

Fact#8: I have issues with bathrooms. If I don't like a bathroom, well. I don't like it. I'm just very sensitive about the whole issue and this is really a downside when we go travelling to rural area like we did here, and it really makes me think twice before saying yes to going again.

Fact#9: Deathly scared of insects, lizards, mice and all other household pests. I can't even bring myself to kill them either with bugspray (scared of how they'll jump around with death spams) or with a shoe (the idea of a crushed bug under my foot, even if it's not direct contact- just makes me gag). As a result, I usually flee the pest scene and call for my mom or whoever has the nerves of steel to vanquish the little demons.

Fact#10: I'm a quiet fangirl and get super addicted (but controlled) to anime and tv shows, but I have one problem. I can't wait a week for a NEW episode! That's why I wait until a season/series is over before watching it with the surety that I will not be left at a cliffhanger! This does dampen imagination about what could happen, but at least it won't be occupying my mind until the next release!
This is also how my list is made. I note down trending anime etc that aren't complete and then plan to watch them in the summer. My list is Doctor Who, Sherlock, Kyokai no Kanata, Noragami, Mekakucity Actors, Kagepro, and maybe Psychic Detective Yakumo. 

Fact#11: Yay, last fact! I'm not very social because I don't exactly talk to strangers etc but remain in my close circle of friends. That's doesn't mean I'm anti social though, it's just that I'm too shy to take the first step, but once I'm friends with someone, you probably won't believe I'm the same person! Don't judge a book by it's cover or a person by an impression you get!

Eleven Answers to Eleven Questions

✿Personal Photograph

Q: Favorite Conspiracy Theory?

Q: Least possible conspiracy theory that you still cling to as being possible?
A: My brother told me there's a cure for cancer out already but it's just that big people don't want to hand out cures because having people sick makes a lot of money and with holding cures is just making big business. My mom thinks that's stupid but I think it makes sense.

Q: What piece of legislation would you enact in the world if we lived in a society where the entire globe was governed by one person (you)?
A: Fair trial for all and justice to be served equally.

Q: Saddest moment of your life?
A: I'm not a very sad/ depressing sort of person. Also, it doesn't help that I tend to forget a lot of things very very easily. So right now, I can't remember anything REMOTELY sad. 

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to a room of crowded people that were actually listening to you and not playing Candy Crush on their phones, what would you utter out of your mouth?
A: KEEP CALM AND STOP JUDGING PEOPLE you'd do EXACTLY the same thing if you were in their place! Walk a mile in their shoes and then talk about it!

Q: Favorite tv show that would make you skip your cousins wedding so you could catch the season finale?
A: Actually, I don't watch television. I watch everything on the internet. o.o Am I breaking some rules here?

Q: Oddest fact you'd ever stumbled across?
A: I can't lick my nose like a giraffe...

Q: Your biggest fear about your future?
A: Dying before becoming a legend. Wait, dying and THEN becoming a legend sounds good too...

Q: The worst book you'd ever read and you're still embarrassed you ever even gave a try?
A: I borrowed a young adult book when I was ten. It just happened that that book was horribly written and absolutely cliched. My ten year old self was baffled. I can't remember the book's name, I just remember that it had a pink cover and that the main character was... shameless.

Q: What is important enough to go to war over?
A: Peace.

Q: Favorite posts of yours?
A: Ah, I can't really say. Perhaps I'll make a post about my favorite posts some day. :)

Now I have to write eleven questions that my nominees have to answer.
1) What are your thoughts about your religion?
2) Why do you think people like cats so much?
3) Which season is your favorite and why?
4) What made you start blogging?
5) What's your favorite subject and why?
6) What makes you really mad?
7) What's your favorite memory?
8) What do you plan to do in your future?
9) Robots or Aliens?
10) The most recent film you watch that you absolutely love?
11) What fandoms are you a part of?

Here are my nominees:
Lindsey Evenstar @ A Writer's Thoughts
Girl in Ebony @ The Bitch's Life

AND if YOU'RE reading this post, let me nominate you too! <3

Monday, May 12, 2014

Memory Bubbles

Walking down a well worn road
Where memories aren't clear
Things you loved have now become
Something no longer dear
Look closely at this child
See it's innocent face
Wonder what will happen when
It enters the material race
Working day and night for
A better house, a faster car
Happiness that is shown on screens
Sometimes just goes way too far
Unexplained joy is what 
A bottle of bubble soap would bring
No worries about how much it costs
Unlike a beautiful golden ring
It's true that the ring lasts longer
It's true that it brings more joy
But think about the child within
And the last time you got it a toy

~written by yours truly~

I think I diverged too much in this one. I mentioned too many things and just skimmed over all of it. I'm thinking about going over it again and removing the extra details and just focusing on one or two things. Then again, aren't soap bubbles like that too? :D

Saturday, May 10, 2014


So now that my birthday is over and gone, I just wanted to compile some of the gems that I got that made me go like-

~Bro, where's my hug Q.Q ~

~ Here's kashaf xD I like how she's like "You're supposed to say thank you! Eighteen years and no manners!" ~

~Got this eaaaarrrlyyyy in the morning *you can see it says 2:11a* and she also put in a photograph/status thing up on facebook :) ~

~ and here's Lalie xD ~

~ tumblr buddy danganronpanda! AKA chocolate-darkrai :D ~

There's lots of other people who wished too but its just that I haven't gotten the hang of taking screen shots of computer screens *Google wished me as well O.O but I don't have evidence! D:*



Sunday, May 4, 2014

Monal Trip

Today we went to Monal. Here are some pictures I took.

^My mother was like, write this and this too so I just wrote it all in caps. Later I thought it was kind of funny how my email is "gone, seriously!" and how the waiter's name is "Ladies" and table number "Washroom" xD